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The "Trying" Times of TriWorld : "The Demon Within"

Posted by Richard on July 7, 2013 at 5:15 PM

I started creating this demonic game because I love demons, dragons, and other mythological creatures. I wanted to make a game where there are tons of different attacks and abilities as well as a good story line. Eventually I would like to write a series of books that explains what happens before and after, though some of this may become clear upon playing the game.


Ever since I was very young, I loved to draw demonic creatures, there was just something about drawing horns and evil faces that always grabbed my attention. I wanted the player to be a demon and to start off in this hell-ish type world where you have to slay monsters and beasts in order to survive, this way the game would have many different types of creatures that you will have to fight in order to progress. Upon making this game I later realized that I would need a good team in order to fully develop this game.


So far we have the combat system and we know what skills/attacks will be available, the team and I have also been talking about possibly making a prequel as well as a sequel. Though these won't carry any weight until the current game is completely ready. There will also be a total of 100 level's, 100 being the highest you can go, there will be a total of 10 abilities, so this means every ten level's you will be able to select a new ability. Also, with this leveling system in play, you will be able to choose a different skin/texture, these different skins/textures will give you different abilities. You can see on the "Games" page there are currently only ten abilities and not 30. The other 20 abilities will be available to you sometime in the near future.


The BETA for the game will consist of a variety of creatures as well as the first realm, "Ignis Realm". Inside this realm you will have full roam to visit many of the different types of tunnels, dungeons, and caves, however you will not be able to visit any of the Quest caves, or be able to visit any other realm. You may even get the opportunity to test your abilities against the first King of the full-version game.

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